Future Accessibility Summit Qatar will focus on different aspects of defining stndards, consulting community stakeholders & investing in assistive solutions to improve urban accessibility for all by 2022, including:

  • Integration of smart technologies, systems and processes to improve the accessibility for all to public events and activities
  • Adaptive and assistive technologies that make services, buildings, transportation & activities in Qatar more easily accessible by those with disabilities
  • Introduction of guidelines and standards to support integration of accessibility best practices
  • Smart mobility solutions for the urban environment
  • Enabling those with disability to have the ability to integrate with greater ease by improving accessibility and adaptations to support their needs
  • Supporting integration of adaptive sports for persons with disabilities
  • Supporting improving interaction between government and private sector organisations
  • Planning to welcome tourists with disabilities from airport – hotel to enjoying the city
  • Enabling disabled citizens to achieve their full potential by improving access to resources and supporting integration and equality
  • Understanding the solutions and considerations required for a range of disabled citizens and how action plans to accommodate them may be realised
  • Promoting life-long learning and education, health and rehabilitation, social protection, employment, and universal accessibility
  • Engaging with the rehabilitation community to understand solutions that could be integrated to cater for those with disabilities
  • Enabling an accessible environment based on globally approved standards and improvements to the infrastructure, systems and technologies
  • Urban design considerations including obstructions, signage, street furniture, pathways, curb ramps, pedestrian crossing
  • Architectural design consideration including ramps, elevators, lifts, stairs, railing and handrails, entrances, vestibules, doors, corridors and rest room
  • Frontline staff well equipped to deal with persons with disabilities